Mettez les verbes entre crochets aux temps qui conviennent. Attention, n'utilisez pas de formes contractées. Cliquez ensuite sur "Correction". Vous pouvez utiliser "Aide" pour obtenir une lettre indice mais vous perdrez des points !

1.If you work hard you . [SUCCEED]
2. If you hard you would succeed. [WORK]
3. If you had worked hard you . [SUCCEED]
4. If you that again I'll hit you. [SAY]
5. I'd be surprised if he to pass his exam. [MANAGE]
6. I you if I knew the answer. [TELL]
7. I sorry for her if she hadn't won the race. [BE]
8. If they a car they wouldn't have had to wait for the bus. [HAVE]
9. It very nice if you helped me with the washing-up. [BE]
10. If I were you I her right away. [CALL]