Mettez les phrases suivantes au passif. Attention aux majuscules et à la ponctuation. Omettez le complément d'agent s'il n'est pas nécessaire. Cliquez ensuite sur "Correction". Vous pouvez utiliser "Aide" pour obtenir une lettre indice mais vous perdrez des points !

1. The policeman caught the burglar in the act.

2. The critics may like this film.

3. They are testing the new product.

4. My parents haven't used this car for ages.

5. They will close the gates at six o'clock this evening.

6. The mechanic is repairing the car.

7. They are going to use more workers for this site.

8. Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning conductor.

9. At least one person must have seen the accident.

10. They offer most employees company shares.